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August 10 - 12, 2020

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At Retail Delivery Connect we love giving away plenty of free content, so you can always keep up with the latest developments in the industry. Below we have a few of our most popular articles and case studies.

The Retail Truck Driver Shortage & The Tech Strategies That Are Solving It

A strong economic environment in the country right now is leading consumers to purchase more than in previous years. While this is fantastic news for the retail industry, it means the sector requires more transport infrastructure than ever before to get its products to customers.

IKEA's Sustainability Strategy: Furniture Rentals and Product Refurbishing

It recently opened its most sustainable store so far in Greenwich, London. Resplendent with solar panels, rainwater-harvesting facilities, geothermal heating, and 100 percent LED lighting, the new store elegantly demonstrates the company's commitment to environmental friendliness.

Retail Supply Chains Incorporate Automation and Artificial Intelligence

1,900 supply chain executives and retail business leaders were surveyed in recent research by IBM. Of those surveyed, 80 percent stated their intention to introduce some form of automation over the next two years.

Top 5 Challenges In Retail Supply Chain & Logistics, Right Now

In order to combat Amazon's incredible logistics capabilities, retailers must come up with unique and innovative ways of bringing products from manufacturers to consumers. Industry 4.0 technology is helping in this regard

Amazon Now Makes Deliveries to Your Car's Trunk

Amazon might have created a solution that works for everyone. The retail giant recently introduced an in-car delivery service through its Key app, which means you can get Amazon packages brought directly to your car.

How Blockchain Is Disrupting the Logistics Industry

It's this transparency which gives blockchain its security, and what makes the technology appealing to so many organizations across a range of industries - including those in supply chain logistics.